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Daycare and Kindergarten

STD 1 to 10 (State Syllabus)

STD 1 to 10 (CBSE Syllabus)

Plus One & Plus Two (NIOS Syllabus)


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Trinity school seek to build global citizens-ones who are amply armed with scholastic and co-scholastic skills imparted with modern technology and experiential learning. We also seek to ensure that whilst the horizons are richly stretched as above, the young personalities remain rooted in a strong value system embedded into their construct. It is our vision that we must build physically and emotionally fit individuals who never feel defeated by their circumstances or lacking resolve to rise and restore.We believe in ingraining an integrity of character with a compassion for the community and the environment- in steadfast remembrance that one must give back as much or more than what one receives.

Why Our Schools are the Right Fit for Your Child?

Trinity school seek to build global citizens-ones who are amply armed with scholastic and co-scholastic skills imparted with modern technology and experiential learning.

Active Learning

Beyond traditional passive learning methods, we believe in active learning, where students engage in dynamic activities, discussions, and real-world applications.

Expert Teachers.

Our school boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who inspire, educate, and mentor students.

Funny and happy

Fun and happiness are integral to the learning process. Through engaging lessons, creative activities, and a positive environment, we inspire a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Safe Environment

We prioritize the well-being of our students with a secure environment where students feel safe, supported, and empowered to thrive. Nurturing their growth with care, creating a foundation for success and well-being.

Garden Centre

Garden Centre serves as an outdoor classroom, it fosters a love for nature, environmental awareness, and a sense of responsibility towards our planet.


Photo Gallery

Witness the joy of learning, the excitement of discovery, and the community spirit that define Trinity School. It’s a window into the moments that make our school truly special. Here every photo tells a tale of inspiration, growth, and pride!


Best Facilities for Kids


With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and trained drivers, we ensure smooth and convenient transportation to and from school, creating peace of mind for families and supporting punctuality and attendance for academic success.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games provide an exciting platform for students to engage in physical activity, and develop coordination, teamwork, and sportsmanship. It’s a perfect way to foster physical development and social skills.

Nutritious Food

With a focus on fresh, wholesome ingredients, our meals provide essential nutrients for optimal growth, cognitive function, and overall well-being. We prioritize student health, taste preferences, and dietary needs, creating a foundation for healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.



    I take this pledge, here and now
    Before the creator, Humbly I bow
    Honesty, Integrity, and Hard work are my motto
    Follow them, I will in toto!
    Love, Respect, and Devotion to elders
    Sharing and caring always for others
    Dedicate myself, Shall I to service
    Selfless, Sincere, and full of promise.
    Kalyan! My part to Wisdom and knowledge
    To uphold her pride and respect
    Always! Pledge !
    Jai Kalyan !Jai Hind!